Would you like to work with expectant and /or new parents?

Do you feel passionate about building parent’s confidence about birth and babies?

Would you like a new family-friendly career?


The Natal Family offers teacher training for those who would like to run MummyNatal and/or BabyNatal classes in their own area. Training requirements vary depending on the programme you wish to sign up to, but generally to satisfy our training requirements, you must have:

  • Experience as a parent
  • An empowering & non-judgmental approach towards other parents
  • Desire to support other expectant parents to learn practical skills
  • A desire to support expectant parents on their transition into parenthood
  • A desire to work with both mothers and fathers

What does The Natal Family give its licencees?


  • We pride ourselves on our empowering practice and this extends to our teachers and licencees, as well as the parents we work with. Our teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we support them to learn in an individually tailored way.
  • We treat our licencees and teachers with respect.
  • We offer you high quality training, CPD and on-going support and mentoring.
  • We offer you training at a reasonable price, we want you to have a successful business – not spend the first 4 years earning back your investment.
  • We are flexible and do not set rigid restrictions
  • We offer you the opportunity to join an award-winning organisation
  • We are regularly featured in national press and television features.
  • Our high quality education is widely recognized – our contracts with Children Centres, NHS trusts and invitations to present at University conferences clearly demonstrating this.

If you would like to learn more about training to teach please contact us on