Pippa’s story – breastfeeding my tongue-tied baby


Not too long ago, we published a blog about tongue-tie and how it may impact breastfeeding. Today, we give you the very personal, honest and emotional story of Pippa from Gateshead, and her husband Ad, both sharing their experience with their first son Toby.

Remember that each experience is unique, and we are not sharing this story to show you that IF your child has tongue-tie, it means that this is going to be your story too! Continue reading

Tongue-tie and breastfeeding – can mums and babies experience difficulties?

tongue tie

The technical term to describe tongue-tie is ankyloglossia (but we can stick to tongue-tie, can’t we?), and it’s a congenital anomaly that can reduce mobility of the tongue tip. It happens because the membrane connecting the underside of the tongue to the floor of the mouth (called lingual frenulum) is just a bit tighter and shorter than in most people. Although this is just proof that we are indeed all different, tongue-ties can vary in degree of severity – this is also due to where, under the tongue, the frenulum is attached (either towards the tip of the tongue or towards the back of the tongue). Essentially, tongue-tie has the potential to have different effects on different people, and difficulties in breastfeeding (and then later on in life, if the tongue-tie is severe and not corrected), eating and speech are the most common effects. Continue reading

“I’m here for some breast milk”, said the Biker to the Plumber – a story of breast milk donation

milk donation 1It was a normal Thursday morning… well, as normal as it gets when your 3 children are at home and poorly, the plumber is busy working in the garage, and your front driveway is being dug up. At some point a man in a motorbike stops outside the house, sees someone outside (the plumber) and says: “I’m here for breast milk”. A stunned, embarrassed plumber comes ringing the doorbell saying: “Ehm, there’s a delivery for you?”. Like a meerkat, I try and see who he’s pointing to, but the skip outside the house hides the man from my view. When he’s finally off his motorbike, with his helmet off, I recognise him as the volunteer from the hospital who’s here to collect my 2 litres of breast milk. “Oh, hello! Come in!”, I shout. The plumber is more puzzled than ever… Continue reading

Breastfeeding Top Tips

Sleepy-Breastfeeding-babyBreastfeeding your baby is natural but it is also really normal for it to take some time for you and your baby to work it all out, as after all, it is a new skill which you are both learning.

As a mum of four who is currently breastfeeding her 10 week old baby, and having worked with thousands of new parents, I know that breastfeeding can have its challenges, however, I also know how rewarding and straight forward it can be too!

So here are some of my top tips for supporting you and your baby to get off to a good start when it comes to breastfeeding: Continue reading