What our teachers say about their favourite Natal classes

With the range of classes we offer here at The Natal Family and the number of teachers across the country excitingly growing, we thought we’d ask our teachers what their favourite class to teach is and what it is about that class that they love so much.  It was great to see that most of us can’t even single one class out and ended up picking two or more! So, in no particular order, let’s just hear from…

Our MummyNatal teachers…

The Natal FSteph MNamily co-founder Steph“I LOVE teaching a MummyNatal weekly class the most, as I really enjoy the discussions about birth and empowerment, but I also LOVE exploring the mind-body connection, seeing women suddenly feel so much less fear as they learn how their birthing bodies work, AND the fact that after teaching a class I feel all calm too!”

Kate, from Corby, Kettering, Thrapston and Market Harborough   – “I teach MummyNatal on a Friday night after a week at home with my 3 children (while my husband is at work), and I love getting that time for myself on a Friday evening, to teach and be able to feel calm and relaxed afterwards!”

Pippa, from Gateshead – “I love week 4 of MummyNatal and the sounding meditation! The first time I taught it I was really nervous, but the fantastic group of mums at my class took it on – as one paused, another one started a sound, and it just carried on with its own energy. I now see this happening every time I teach that class, and I love it!”

Zoe, from Birmingham South West – “I also love teaching week 4 of MummyNatal! This was the class that helped ME reflect on my own experiences and the one where I had the most self-realisations when I first trained with MummyNatal, so it’s a really powerful class for me, which all the mums-to-be always seem to
love as well!”

Amanda, from Wharfedale and North Leeds – “MummyNatal is empowering, relaxing, fascinating and SO fulfilling to teach! I carry over so much of the mindfulness teaching into my personal life, and it continues to help me grow as a teacher, a mum, a wife etc.”

Amy, from Newcastle North – “I LOVE when we explore the mind-body connection through the bola bell in our MummyNatal classes. I also love how surprised mums are at how effective sounding can be, and I love the difference between mums at the start and at the end of the class – they look (and tell me they feel) so much more relaxed, calm and prepared! And of course I love how the tools that we teach to our mums-to-be are so useful and effective to US too in all aspects of life, not just birth.

I think what I love the most is that it really is about each individual mum, and they get to explore what works for THEM. It’s why at MummyNatal we don’t teach specific techniques, and mums can see why and love the feeling of empowerment that comes from being told to do what’s right FOR THEM.”

Louise, from South Leicester – “I love MummyNatal classes, and especially the mindful breathing – I also feel so relaxed when I get home!”

Well, the MummyNatal teachers sound like they have a few tricks up their sleeves when it comes to feeling calm, relaxed and mindful! If it works for the teachers, imagine how good it feels for the mums-to-be! We’d love to hear from you, Mums. Have you attended a MummyNatal class? How did it feel, and what was your favourite bit?

So let’s now hear it from…

The BabyNatal teachers…

BabyNatal Practical Baby Care

Zoe, fro_SJH8988m South West Birmingham – I love our Practical Baby Care class the most! I have been fortunate enough to have had so many private sessions, and I love getting to know the couples and being shown all their things for the baby and seeing their excitement when they have a go at practising some skills. It’s great when I add in that no one is wrong – they’re simply finding their own way of doing things!”

Sharon, from Salisbury and Warminster – I love the practical elements of the BabyNatal Practical Baby Care class!”

Sara, from West London – I really enjoy teaching Practical Baby Care, and the more I teach it and see the effect it has on parents, the more I believe  it is such a powerful, useful class that gives them information and the chance to practice skills in such a way that no one else out there will give them. I LOVE seeing how the parents start the class handling our demo dolls in an awkward way and feeling unsure, and by the end of the class they are completely at ease, holding their dolls as if they were real, having totally forgotten that they’re not! So many times I have seen them sitting there playing with the babies’ hands and feet! It’s amazing to see that when they start to relax and believe in themselves, they naturally fall into ‘parent mode’ and do things that they didn’t know they had in them. It feels great to be part of that journey with them.”

BabyNatal Developmental Baby Massage

Laura, from Romfdevelopmental baby massageord and Thurrock – “I love seeing the new parents and sharing their early parenting journey with them. I like normalising their feelings, seeing how the babies respond to me (my singing voice is enchanting, apparently!), and hearing what a difference the classes have  made to the baby (and therefore the parents).

One of the mums attending my stage 2 classes with her daughter told me that her baby has been completely different since going to my classes – she’s no longer so wary of strangers, and she’s more relaxed and chilled at home. To know that I’ve been able to make such a difference has made my week! It was also great to be able to talk to this mum about the fact that her baby was often being labelled by others as ‘challenging’ and ‘high needs’ when actually through my classes she started to focus more on the benefits and positives of her baby’s personality, and this helped mum and baby to turn a negative vibe into a much positive one!”

Amanda, from Otley, Ikley and North Leeds – “BabyNatal Developmental Baby Massage has me hooked! Seeing the connection between carer and baby, between peers, and watching both babies and carers developing together is just amazing. I love the singing and signing, and I think I’m a little obsessed with thinking up new sensory activities…”

Louise, from Leicester, Oadby and Wigston – “I love BabyNatal Developmental Baby Massage! There’s an additional sense of achievement for me personally which comes from being able to overcome my own fear of singing in public (which stems from school) – I’ve done it! At first I adapted it slightly, but I’m feeling more and more confident each time I teach it, and it’s great!”

Suzy, from Warrington – “BabyNatal Developmental Massage stage 2 is my absolute favourite. I love teaching this class and hope to be able to teach it more often!”

Baby Natal First Aid for Babies

Danielle first aidKaty, from Newcastle North – “I love the BabyNatal First Aid for Babies, as I feel that the skills we teach in this class are so important for parents!”

Sara, from West London – I love the BabyNatal First Aid for Babies – it’s so important to enable parents to have the skills to effectively deal with an emergency. Not knowing what to do in emergency situations can easily lead to panic and to doing the wrong thing, so I think it’s fundamental that as parents we attend courses to cover first aid skills in case we ever need them for our little ones”.

That’s quite a variety there! And it’s really great to hear, first hand from the teachers, that our classes are making such a positive different to the parents we teach them too.

If you’re thinking of becoming part of this amazing journey and joining us here at The Natal Family, please contact Steph and Dean by emailing training@babynatal.co.uk  – they’ll be glad to contact you with more info!