Whether you are looking to meet other mums through a regular class, or you prefer a one-off workshop with your partner to give you all the birthing basics, Natal classes give you the option choose what suits your needs and lifestyle best. Choose from:

MummyNatal weekly class

6 week term for mums-to-be

  • Mindfulness & hypnobirthing inspired techniques for labour & birth
  • Birth Ball Exercise for pregnancy & birth
  • Birth education
  • Learning how to use hypnosis, affirmation, mantra, visualisation and walking meditations to help you feel calmer and more relaxed
  • Breathing practice through breath awareness work to keep you calm and focused during birth
  • Build a mindset for a positive birthing experience
  • Bonding with baby and encouraging baby into optimum position ready for birth
  • Meet other like-minded mums-to-be


Natal Birth Workshop

One-off 4 hour workshop for mum and birth partner/s

A Natal Birth Workshop brings together the key education points from the MummyNatal and award-winning DaddyNatal programmes into a single workshop for expectant parents.

A Natal Birth workshop ensures both parents learn all the essentials for their big day—preparing mum for the sensations of birth, breathing for birth, creating a positive birthing environment & positioning; while preparing dad/partner for their role as a birth partner, so they can be more effective and confident, through learning practical skills and tools for their role, including what to do if things don’t go to plan.