On Mother’s Day, our Natal wish to all expectant and new mums

Happy mother's day-1It’s Mother’s Day, and here at The Natal Family, we would like to wish ALL mums in the world a fantastic Mother’s Day!

Through our programmes we are very privileged to support expectant and new mums throughout their journey into parenthood (and dads too, but today it’s about the mums!)

One of the practices in our MummyNatal programme, is a kindness mediation – where we focus on the good things we wish for ourselves, our babies, our families and our births, rather than falling into the trap of spending our mental energy on the things we don’t want.

So in the spirit of that practice, here are our wishes for you all this Mother’s Day:

To all the expectant, birthing and new mums:

In pregnancy, labour and birth, may you feel safe and protected.

In your pregnancy, may you feel overall well, healthy and supported.

May you feel connected with your unborn, growing baby.

May you feel relaxed and in tune with your body and your baby.

May you always feel loved and supported by your partner / your close friends / your family.

May you feel satisfied with the level and type of care that you are receiving, be it physical or emotional, before, during and after the birth of your baby (or babies!)

In pregnancy and beyond, may you feel listened to and respected in your choices.

May you always receive information that is correct, unbiased, non-judgemental and supportive.

May you always feel confident that yours and your baby’s best interests are always kept in mind.

May you feel empowered to pursue and prepare for the birth experience that you wish for.

During labour and birth, may you be supported and cared for by who you feel most comfortable with and by whoever YOU wish to have at your baby’s birth.

May your labour and birth be the optimal labour and birth for you and your baby – whatever that may look like.

May you feel positive about your birthing experience, and if you are experiencing other feelings, may you remember that your feelings DO matter and are always valid.

May you always remember that you, your baby and your family are unique and your experiences will reflect this.

May you always remember to trust your intuitions – if something doesn’t feel right to you, may you find the courage and patience to listen to that and explore all your options.

And finally, may you feel loved and appreciated, today and always!


Do you have any wishes that you would like to share for a special mum in your life?

Do you have any wishes for yourself this Mother’s Day?

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