Why buy from The Natal Family shop?

Are you after something a little bit different for yourself or forHeath_TNF shop your little ones? Perhaps something ethically made, a little special, colourful, practical and fun and packaged up with love especially for you?

Then here’s why you should go and have a peek at The Natal Family online shop, as it might just become your favourite go-to place for all things pregnancy, birth and baby-related!

Beaumont family


A family-run business

Steph and Dean run their shop from their lovely home in Herefordshire, and if you follow The Natal Family on social media, you will have seen their 4 children often wearing clothes from the ranges they sell in the shop. This tells you that they only sell clothing that they have ‘tried and tested’ and would buy (and do buy!) themselves for their own children, so you can trust that they only handpick the best brands and the best items available.


Brilliant customer service

Because they are parents and work in the family education sector, Steph and Dean understand just how busy you are and how difficult it is to buy children’s clothing online. You can never be sure whether what you buy will fit or suit your child, and whether you’ll have yet another thing to do when you realise you need to return it! Well, the beauty of buying from a family is that they can help you and assist you making the right choices for you before you press the Checkout button! Why not join their Facebook Group ‘The Natal Family Community’ where they will be happy to assist you, even measuring garments so you can be sure to get the perfect fit for you child! You’ll never be ‘just a number’ for them, and you can be sure that with The Natal Family you will receive the Customer Service you want and deserve!

Fun, gen20161122_144019der-neutral, organic clothing

Passionate about organic and ethically sourced clothing, Steph and Dean sell a selection of brands like Frugi, Maxomorra, Piccalilly and Little Green Radicals, which are sustainable, bright and colourful, as well as affordable, comfortable, practical and functional.

Are you finding it hard to buy matching clothes for your children of different ages and different genders? Then look no further – ranging from newborn to 5 years, you can get all your children different clothing items in your favourite print, whether you’re after a dress, dungarees, a top, a playsuit or a jumper and much more.

Or are you struggling to find comfortable clothing for your child that fits over the bulkier cloth nappies? Then have a look at the range of  trousers, and you won’t be disappointed as the majority of the clothing is also ‘cut for cloth’ – but still fits perfectly over a disposable nappied bottom too!

Pregnancy and birth books, directly from the authors

Steph and Dean are not just busy parents of 4 (with one on the way), but in the last few years they have also found the time (amongst other things) to write two very successful books! In 2013 Dean published ‘The Expectant Dad’s Handbook’, and in 2016 Steph and Dean together published ‘The His and Hers Guide to Pregnancy and Birth’. Both books are available in the online shop, and of course this is the place where you can impress a mum or dad-to-be by buying not just any other copy, but your very own autographed one!


20161122_144043Nappies, changing bags, carriers and much more!

Last but not least, if you are shopping for someone who is expecting or has a young baby, The Natal Family shop has some amazing products to offer, and don’t forget that you get free delivery on orders over £20!

So if you’re looking for re-usable nappies, check out the beautiful prints of the gPants, Frugi or Bambino Mio nappies on sale.

They also stock the stylish and functional Mia Tui changing bags, available for mums and dads. And if you’re looking for a carrier or wrap, check out the Boba and Moby products available in the shop – you can even buy an organic cotton version of these! And if that’s not enough, you can even browse for Frugi organic bedding, Frugi toys and comforters, organic swaddles and muslins and pregnancy goodies.


We think these are fantastic reasons to shop at The Natal Family, so happy shopping everyone, and please let us know what you buy or have bought from us!