5 reasons to train with The Natal Family – becoming a Natal practitioner

If you’ve recently been to one of our classes or have come across our websites MummyNatal and BabyNatal, you may have noticed that we have a team of amazing teachers all over the country. Thanks to our regular teacher training courses in Leeds and Wiltshire our team is always growing, and with more teachers joining The Natal Family every year, we are able to expand our reach and help more and more families across the UK. But why do so many parents, and mums in particular, want to train with us? If you’re curious about training, these are some of the reasons you may want to consider…

  1. You want the freedom and flexibility to work around your family

It’s no secret that for most of us everything changes when we start a family. You now have a new child or children in your life, and you simply want to be there for them. Unfortunately, a lot of 9-5 jobs don’t give parents the freedom and flexibility that they need to be able to earn a living whilst also caring for their children. What happens when they’re ill? Or when they start school? Who’s dropping them off and picking them up? Who’s taking them to after-school activities? Who covers for half term and long holidays? Not to mention all the favours you need to ask from your employer if you want to attend the Christmas show, Assembly, or Sports Day! Becoming a MummyNatal or BabyNatal practitioner (or even better, training in both programmes) allows you to create a business that works around your family. Not the other way round.

  1. You are passionate about supporting other families

So if there was a way to support your own family AND support other families through your work, wouldn’t you take it? A lot of our teachers decided to join us because they wished that our programmes and classes had been available in their area when they needed them themselves! And because they went through the experiences of pregnancy, birth, and early parenting without the information and support that our classes offer, they fully appreciate their value and worth. That’s why they are passionate and proud to be able to make a difference to the lives of other parents-to-be in their local areas. We’ve even had expectant mums and dads attending our classes who then went on to train with us to become teachers themselves! Doesn’t that say something?

  1. You believe a strong ethos can make a real difference

We just love the fact that we’re able to support other families in ways that no other programme can. Thanks to our inclusive approach, we don’t just work with expectant mums. We support the family as a whole – we work very closely with dads-to-be and new dads, and with whoever else in the family needs our help! Our un-biased and non-judgemental approach means that we are able and trained to accommodate the needs of ALL families, of all shapes and sizes! Our teachers have experiences of working with grandparents, older siblings, younger parents, same-sex couples, single parents, and adoptive parents, just to name a few!

We focus on empowering families with the information and confidence to make choices that are right for them. We support them through their own individual journeys with no judgement, without advocating one way or method over others, because we know that every single family and baby are unique – no two families or babies are the same, and our classes completely reflect that. We acknowledge that what works for us or has worked for some families may not work for others. And that’s why our teachers leave their classes confident in the knowledge that they have been able to make a difference, deliver value, and give a family exactly what they needed. So if you are passionate in helping and supporting others in this way, our MummyNatal and BabyNatal programmes are definitely for you. And if you’re still not sure, why not visit the MummyNatal or BabyNatal website and request more information about our unique classes and in-depth training. Or have a read of The His and Hers Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, written by our very own founders Steph and Dean Beaumont?

  1. You want to join a Family

Going through a change of career or simply transitioning from traditional employment to self-employment can be daunting. But it doesn’t have to be. Because when you join MummyNatal and/or BabyNatal, you’re never on your own. Not really. Together, we are a family – The Natal Family. We support each other, encourage each other, and we celebrate each other’s successes. Once you’ve completed your training and start teaching your classes in your local area, you’ll have all the support you need (and more!) thanks to The Natal Training School directors Amanda and Sharon, as well as all the other teachers in the family. Any burning questions? Doubts? Insecurities? We have you covered. No one is ever left behind, and we truly do consider all our teachers as our large, extended family.

  1. You want to grow as a person

All our teachers are introduced to reflective practice during our training. Reflection is such an important dimension of being a Natal practitioner. It allows us to truly become inclusive and non-judgemental by enabling us to explore our own experiences. Pregnancy, labour, birth, and the early days and weeks of parenting are emotionally-charged times, and our experiences do shape us. We may internalise beliefs and fears based on our own circumstances, and we may subconsciously end up hiding behind our biases. Reflective practice has helped many teachers come to terms with certain aspects of their story in a way that has enabled them to look at their experiences from a different perspective. And this is so fundamental to us, because in order to be truly un-biased and work with families during vulnerable times, we have to be able to recognise our own biases and leave them at the door.

Another aspect of personal growth that our teachers are very grateful for is the regular practice of mindfulness. Some of our MummyNatal teachers have had the amazing experience of teaching MummyNatal classes whilst pregnant themselves, and have been able to benefit from the feelings of relaxation and focus that come from regular mindfulness practice. What better way to make sure you stick to your practice than to go and teach other expectant mums at your own weekly class, right? Many of our MummyNatal teachers have reported reduced niggles and pains during pregnancy and a better night’s sleep after class! Not to mention the fact of being able to enjoy the labour and birth they wanted, thanks to all the knowledge and practice acquired through the MummyNatal programme. Wins all round!

So what are you waiting for? If you’d like more information, get in touch via training@jackh121.sg-host.com.



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