Birth Ball

Birth Ball


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Product Description

Birth Balls are fantastic for pregnancy, birth and beyond!

Using a birth ball in pregnancy can prepare your body for birthing, encourage baby into optimal position for birth, help alleviate pelvic or lower back discomfort and keep you gently active.

During labour and birth, using your birth ball will support you to keep upright (evidenced to support shorter and easier births), help you to remain mobile, to be comfortable and can be used to relax on too.




  • 1 x High Quality Anti- Burst Birth Ball (colours vary)



About our Birth Balls

  • Ideal to use in labour a natural means of pain relief
  • Research shows that mums-to-be who remain active and upright can have shorter and easier births – a birth ball is fantastic for supporting this before and during birth!
  • A birth ball helps get baby into optimum position for birth.
  • They are high quality, non slip, and very importantly anti burst.
  • A birth ball keeps your core muscles strong alleviating lower back pain and helping prevent over-separation of the tummy muscles during pregnancy.
  • Includes a pump for quick and easy inflation (if you select the ‘with pump’ option, no pump is included if you select ‘ball only’ option).

Which size Birthing Ball is right for you?
The 55cm ball is suitable for women 5’5” and under
The 65cm ball is suitable for women 5’6” and above
The 75cm ball in suitable for women 5’9″ and above


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