gPants prints (various)

gPants are washable cotton nappy covers include gBreathe™ technology, to keep rash at bay. They come in vibrant happy colours and prints, and can be used with disposable inserts or reusable gCloths.

Babies spend a lot of time in nappies, so they should be comfortable because a comfortable baby is a happy baby! Soft cotton gPants are breathable, so there’s more comfort, less rash. And with a perfectly-sized trim fit, they won’t weigh baby down.


Small / 3-7kg (8-14lbs)
Medium / 5-13kg (13-28lbs)
Large / 10-16kg (22-38lbs)
Extra Large / 15+kgs (34+ lbs)

KO ILoveYouMore 2200x2200

Love U More – gPant

Good Life gPant

Good Life – gPant

Glamping - gPant

Glamping – gPant


Girly Twirly – gPant


Glen Laddie – gPant


Glen Lassie – gPant

George gPants

George – gPant

Genevieve gPants

Genevieve – gPant