NEW gPant – Gertie

We are SO excited to be introducing you to this brand new gPant from gNappies for 2017!

Meet Gertie! Gertie gPants are sweet as can be with a field of flowers and embroidered g on the back, a beautiful print that is a perfect way to brighten up the winter months.

We also have Gertie’s new counterpart, Grey All The Way here at the Natal Shop too!

gNappies has reinvented the nappy inside and out by blending comfort, convenience, and style with absorbent disposable inserts that are flushable and compostable (wet ones only). Soft cotton gPants are breathable, so there’s more comfort, less rash. And with a perfectly-sized trim fit, they won’t weigh baby down.

Don’t forget we also have a range of previous season gNappy prints and block colours in stock, as well as gPouches too!


Small / 3-7kg (8-14lbs)
Medium / 5-13kg (13-28lbs)
Large / 10-16kg (22-38lbs)
Extra Large / 15+kgs (34+ lbs)


Gertie – gPant


Gertie – gPant